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Friday, July 24, 2009


Dragons, one of the oldest mythical creatures of all time, have taken on many forms over the years. Since they are fictitious characters, most people have their own visions of what these beasts look like. But, did you know that different types of dragons actually have names? The five most well-known dragons are listed below.

The Amphitptere is a legless, winged serpent that can be found along the banks of the Nile. It guards frankincense-bearing trees and threatens all who want to harvest the resin.
The Heraldic Dragon is the most widespread of its kind. It has massive fangs, four clawed legs and a ridge of sharp spines that stretches from its spiked nose to its barbed and stinging tail.
· The Guivre is a legless and wingless serpent that is immensely powerful. It has a massive dragon head, horned and bearded and likes to live near water.
· The Wyvern is feared for its viciousness it brought to northern Europe, Greece and Ethiopia. The wyvern has a coiling trunk and a pair of eagle's legs, which are tucked beneath its wings.
· The Lindworm falls between the birdlike wyvern and the snakelike guivre because it has a serpentine body with one pair of legs. The Italian traveler Marco Polo reported seeing some lindworms while crossing the steppes of Central Asia.

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